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Marumatsu Bussan Co., Ltd.

Song De Feng(Qing Yuan)Food stuff Co., Ltd. was established at Qing Yuan city on March 23, 1992 introducing US$2.2 million mainly from Marumatsu Bussan Co., Ltd. which has been in operation in Japan for about 100 years. Song De Feng Foodstuff Co., Ltd. (here in after called as “SDF”) has 250 staffs and building coverage of 10 thousands square meters out of 33 thousands square meters lot.. Marumatsu Bussan Co., Ltd., which was established in 1895, is engaged in export/import business of processed foodstuffs mainly between Japan and China, giving a developmental and technical assistance to Chinese agricultural and fishery industry, and has made an excellent achievement.

Qing Yuan City is a famous place of growing and processing of bamboo shoot (Machiku), and is conveniently located along the National Highway 107, is also close to major railroad running from Beijing to Guangzhou, and is only 30 kilometers away from New Guangzhou International Airport. In other words, Qing Yuan City has a rich natural environment as well as is easily accessible from railroad station and airport. We are confident that the best raw material is mandatory for the best food. Based upon this belief, we collect pollution-free and high quality bamboo shoot (Machiku) from that area, as well as quality preserved vegetable(Zha cai), preserved bamboo shoot, gingko nut, mushroom (shiitake) and some other raw materials from all the areas in China, in order to manufacture canned-foods and/or processed food at our Japanese factory applying its highly-advanced technology and equipments. Our product is sold very well in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries in the world. SDF started as a mere bamboo shoot processing company ,but is now known as a multiple and major general trading company of food thanks to a diligence of all of our employees, and SDF has obtained a certification of ISO9001:2000 in August, 2002, two years later passed the HACCP authentication.

The motto of our company is “The present situation maintenance namely falls behind,the result whereabouts are the elimination”. Furthermore, we always pay close attention to manufacture all-natural or chemical-free food, healthy food, and high quality food so that our customers can enjoy delicious food as well as health-oriented food.

The Origin of the Name, Menma

     Before the war (before 1940), menma was called “shinachiku” in Japan. Shinachiku’s direct translation is “Chinese bamboo shoot”. Shina means China and chiku means bamboo shoot

    After the Second World War, as the relationship between China and Taiwan worsened, the Taiwanese government denied Marumatsu Bussan’s export of shinachiku, bamboo shoots from Taiwan to Japan due to the reason that the word, “shina”(China) was attached to the product, which was made in Taiwan.

    Shusui Matsumura, the former president of Marumatsu Bussan then decided to change the product’s name from shinachiku to menma. He came up with the name, menma because ramen chefs often served bamboo shoots on ramen soup noodles.  “Men” means noodle in Japanese.  “ma” was taken from the word,  “ma-chi-ku”, which is the name of the raw material of which menma is made from.

    As a result, the name change was accepted. The export of menma from Taiwan to Japan was permitted again.

    Nonetheless, our company was not able to register menma as a trademark in Japan because the name, menma is similar to another product, which is not a food product. Even though it is not registered, we are proud of the fact that the term, menma is now the common name that people use to refer to the specific types of bamboo shoots that we produce.

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